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  • The TCAdmin file manager allows users to backup their files to Google Drive.
  • Backups are stored in your client's Google account.
  • The admin's Google account is only required to activate the service on the domain.
  • The game's files system permissions are applied when backing up add restoring files.
    • If the user is allowed to read the file it can be backed up.
    • If the user is allowed to create the file it can be restored.
  • You can configure which games have access to this feature and set upload and download limits.


  • Your control panel must be accessible using a domain or subdomain. Direct IP access is not supported by Google.
  • If you don't have a domain you can do a reverse DNS lookup on your control panel's IP and use that hostname (if it has one).


  • TCAdmin can only restore files created by your control panel. It can't read other files in the client's Google Drive.
  • If you delete the Google project and create a new one TCAdmin will not be able to read backups created with the previous project.

Get your API key, client id and client secret

  • Go to You only need to follow step 1. You do not need to install Python 2.4.
    • Click on "Enable the Drive API". This will give you the client id and client secret.
    • Click on "Create API key". This will give you the API key.
  • Log in to your control panel. Go to System > Settings > Google Drive.
    • Enter the client id, client secret and API key.
    • Enable it.
    • Click on games and select the games that have access to this feature.

Configure the consent screen

  • Log in to with your Google account at
  • On the menu with the 3 bars on the upper left corner select API & Services > Oath consent screen
  • Select EDIT APP next to Quickstart and select user type= external
  • Change the application name to something more suitable for your company/domain
  • DO NOT upload an application logo. If you do this it will require extra verification steps.
  • Click on Add scope and add Google Drive API ../auth/drive.file. Do not add any other scopes.
  • Under Authorized domains enter your primary domain (not a sub domain)
  • Under Application Homepage link enter your control panel url.
  • Under Application Privacy Policy link enter the link to your privacy policy. If you don't have one enter the control panel url.
  • Click on Save.

Whitelist your domain

  • Log in to with your Google account at
  • On the menu with the 3 bars on the upper left corner select API & Services > Credentials
  • Click on OAuth client
  • Under Authorized JavaScript origins add your control panel's domain and save. You can also add http://localhost:8880 for development (ip will not work).
  • This may take up to 10 minutes to take effect.
  • After this has been applied your clients will be able to log in to Google Drive from the file manager and backup/restore files.


  • In the file manager click on the Google Drive toolbar button. It will ask you to log in with a Google account.
  • After logging in you can create a backup by right clicking on a file or folder and select Backup to Google Drive.
  • To restore a backup click on the Google Drive toolbar button. Select the files or folders and click on restore. The files are restored to their original location.
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