File System Permissions

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Specify permissions for sub administrators, resellers and users. Each user type can have different permissions depending on your requirements.

By default the following extensions are blocked


Add permissions by file name
Specify permissions for specific files and extensions. Specify more than one file by separating them with ; Wildcards are supported. For example: app.exe;mod*.dll;game*.dll;pak?.pk?
Add permissions by file path
Specify permissions for relative path to files. Wildcards are supported. Specify more than one path by separating them with ; For example: images\*.png;logs\*.log
images\*.png will only apply the permissions to files with the png extension inside the images directory.
Add permissions by sub directory
Specify permissions to a relative directory. Specify more than one path by separating with ; For example: server\cfg;server\dll

Permission Types

Basic Permissions

Grants permissions to read files and list directories.
Grants permissions to write files, , create directories, rename files and directories.
Grants permissions to delete files and directories.

Advanced Permissions

Read files
Grants permissions to read files.
Write files
Grants permissions to write files.
Rename files
Grants permissions to rename files.
Delete files
Grants permissions to delete files.
List directories
Grants permissions to list directories.
Create directories
Grants permissions to create directories.
Rename directories
Grants permissions to rename directories.
Delete directories
Grants permissions to delete directories.

No Permissions

Deny access to all files and directories that match the specified criteria.

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