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Compressed Files

The following file formats and extensions are supported. No additional software is required.

Windows and Linux

  • Zip : .zip
  • Rar : .rar

Linux Only

  • Tarball : .tar
  • Gzip compressed tarball: .tar.gz, .tgz
  • BZip compressed tarball : tar.bz2, .tbz2
  • Lzma compressed tarball : .tar.lzma, .tlz

Compressed Game Files

Game files can be compressed to improve transfer speed between servers. The compressed file should not include the TCA.* sub folders.


First make sure the game's folder is not empty. You can run the compress scripts located in /home/tcadmin/tcafiles/games. The file name is compress_<game>.sh. If you run the compress script and the folder is empty it will create an empty file.

This example compressed the files for Counterstrike.

cd /home/tcadmin/tcafiles/games


Go to C:\TCAFiles\Games\<game>. Select all files and folders except the TCA.* folders.

To compress the files to ZIP right click on the selected files and select Send To > Compressed (zipped) Folder. Move the created zip file to C:\TCAFiles\Games. Name it <game>.zip

If you have Winrar installed right click on the selected files and select Add To > "<game>.rar". Move the created rar file to C:\TCAFiles\Games.

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