Variables allow you to have addtional values that the user can input when creating or configuring a service. These can be used in the game's configuration files (via the config editor) or in commandlines.

To use custom variables in the command line or in configuration use this format:


Custom Variable

Variable Name
The unformatted name of the variable. You should not change the name if this variable is already in use.
Default Value
The default value for this variable. For example 'changeme'.

Commandline Parameter Options

User access
Specify if the user is able to set the value of this variable when using the commandline builder.
Value is required
Specify if the value is required.
Item Type
Select the type of item that will be used to capture the user's input.
Parent Variable
Select the item's parent value.
Parent Value
The item will only be displayed if the parent variable has this value.
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