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TCAdmin has 3 user types (user, sub administrator, administrator). A user's permissions are determined by the role assigned to it.


Roles for user, reseller, and sub administrator are included by default. These can be modified or you can create new ones depending on your requirements. If a role with reseller permissions is assigned to a user he will be able to create his own roles and users. To create a new role go to User Management > Create a Role. Enter the role name, specify if the role is for sub administrators, select the allowed features and save.

Reseller Roles

To create a reseller role, simply create a new role with "Role for sub administrators" unchecked. The following permissions are required for reseller roles:

  • Reseller
    • Create own roles
    • Create users
  • Game hosting
    • Reseller

In the Reseller Options tab you can specify the number of themes a reseller can have.


To create a new user go to User Management > Create a User. Enter the user name (used to login), specify the user type, role and password. To specify the contact information click on the Profile tab. When you are done click on Save.

FTP Settings

When modifying or after saving a new user, an icon for FTP settings will appear at the bottom. If you click on it you can specify additional folders that the user will be able to view when logged in to the FTP server. You DO NOT need to add folders for each game server. These are added automatically and they will not show up on this page.

Sub Users

Enable Sub Users

Sub users must be enabled in the user's role. Go to User Management > Roles > Basic Users. Expand the User Management permissions. Check "Create sub users" and save.

Create a Sub User

To create a sub user for an existing user while logged in as an administrator go to User Management > Select the user > Click on the Sub Users icon > Create a User. Users can also create their own sub users using the User Management options on the side bar.