Restart service when last player disconnects

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Create the scripts

Go to the game's settings. Click on the Custom Scripts icon. Add the following script. This can also be configured as a global script.

Operating System: Any
Description: Restart game server after last player disconnects
Script Engine: IronPython
Event: Query Monitoring
Ignore execution errors Checked
import clr
import System
from System import String

if QueryResults.Running == False :

NumPlayers = QueryResults.NumPlayers
LastNumPlayers = 0

if ThisService.Variables.HasValue("LastNumPlayers") :
  LastNumPlayers = ThisService.Variables["LastNumPlayers"]

Script.WriteToConsole(String.Format("{0} - Previous Players: {1} Current Players: {2}", ThisService.ConnectionInfo, LastNumPlayers, NumPlayers))

if LastNumPlayers > 0 and NumPlayers == 0 :
  Script.WriteToConsole(String.Format("{0} - Last player disconnected. Restarting...", ThisService.ConnectionInfo))

if NumPlayers != LastNumPlayers or ThisService.Variables.HasValue("LastNumPlayers") == False:
  ThisService.Variables["LastNumPlayers"] = NumPlayers