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With TCAdmin, you don't need to wait for us to add support when a new game is released. Any game new or old can be easily configured with the basic features. As long as the game can be run from a commandline or batch file, TCAdmin can control it.


Game templates allow you to use the same configuration settings across one or more game.

For example
You have a game that runs on Windows and Linux. They both use the same commandline, config files, etc except for the executable name. In this case you can check "Can be used as a game template" for the Windows configuration. When creating the Linux configuration select the "Files and Directories" tab and enter the required values. Then select the "Templates" tab. Select the Windows configuration for each item except for "Files and Directories".

Game Configurations


To import game configuration files go to System > General > Game & Other Voice Servers and click on the Import button. v1 and v2 configuration files are supported.


To export a game configuration go to System > General > Game & Other Voice Servers > Select a game and click on the Export button. Before sharing a configuration make sure it does not contain any sensitive information like a password for the Run As feature. You can edit the file in notepad if needed.

Share and Download


To create a new game configuration manually go to System > General > Game & Other Voice Servers and click on the New button. For an explanation on each of the features select one below: