Datacenter Licencing

Datacenter licensing allows you to sell dedicated/virtual servers with a TCAdmin master and games pre-configured. You configure which games the datacenter clients are allowed to access from your control panel. They are synchronized automatically when you update or add new games. Since it's a completely separate installation, it's safe to give your clients remote desktop/ssh access to their server. You can also send messages/news to your datacenter clients from your control panel to let them know about new games/updates/issues/etc.

This feature is not to be confused with an enterprise license which allows you to have 1 master and unlimited remote servers.


  • Purchased TCAdmin master license where datacenter licensing feature will be enabled. (not monthly)
  • Capacity to provide support to your clients.
    • Experience using and configuring TCAdmin.
    • Experience configuring and troubleshooting game servers.


Datacenter licenses must be included along with a dedicated or virtual server. You is not allowed to sell a license separately.


First create the user that the datacenter clients will use to access your game configs and files.

  • Create a new user role with the following permissions:
    • Game hosting > File server users
    • FTP server > FTP access
    • All other permissions unchecked
  • Create a new user and assign it to the role that you created.

Then configure the default information used by your datacenter clients to get the game configs and files. Each license that you create can have different values if needed:

  • Go to your master server settings. Under Default Datacenter Licensing Configuration enter the following values:
    • Sync Url (The url to your panel's fileserver.aspx. For example: or if using MVC:
    • Default Download Server (The FTP IP and port of the the monitor that hosts the files. For example:
    • Default Download User (The user that you just created.)
    • Default Download Password (The password of the user that you just created.)

Web Configuration

If you have the built in web server disabled or if you use a Windows.Custom.config / Linux.Custom.config you must configure anonymous access to fileserver.aspx on your TCAdmin2\ControlPanel\Web.config and TCAdmin2\ControlPanel\Windows.Custom.config. Before adding the lines make sure they don't exist to prevent duplicate entries. Under:



<location path="fileserver.aspx">
      <allow users="?" />

Configuring Allowed Games

Select the game. Under Datacenter Licensing Configuration check Sync with datacenter users and select the roles that are allowed to access the game. Check Allow game export and Allow game edit if needed.

  • If Allow game edit is unchecked the datacenter client will still be able to update the steam account and branding settings if needed.
  • If Allow game edit is checked the datacenter client will have the option to disable sync and edit the game.
  • The datacenter clients will sync the games every few hours or after the monitor is restarted.

The game should not have any sensitive information like your steam account. "Sync Steam account" should only be checked if the game's user is anonymous. The datacenter client is able to set his own steam account in the game settings.

It is recommended that you log in to FTP using the file server user that you created to test the settings and make sure it only gets access to the allowed games.

note: The games are synchronized depending on the game's last modified date. If you modify any other sections for example config files or variables you must go to the game's main settings and click on save so the changes are synchronized with the datacenter clients.

Sending Messages to Datacenter Clients

To send messages to datacenter clients go to User Management > Mass Emails. Set type to Users. Select the role used by your datacenter clients. Check Don't send emails and send the message. The next time the datacenter client syncs it will download the new messages.

Managing Licenses

To create a license go to settings > datacenter licenses > New. It will generate a new license. You can specify different file server values if needed. You can suspend a license if it's not in use.

Configuring Datacenter Installation

The datacenter client's installation is configured automatically when the license is configured. The default games will be deleted and it will import the new games allowed by the provider.


  • There are no monthly fees to use this feature. You are only billing for the licenses you create and actually use.
  • If you create a license and it's never used it will not be billed.
  • The licenses are billed at the end of the month.
  • The license will be prorated starting on the day it was first used and ending on the day it was last used.
  • If the invoice is not paid by the 5th day of the month the datacenter licenses will be suspended and you will not be able to create new licenses.

Known Issues

  • ***fixed in 2.0.135*** If 2 games in the provider's panel have the same folder name and only one is configured to sync, the datacenter client won't be able to see the game's files. The current workaround is to give the games different folder names.
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