Compatibility with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

Microsoft has removed the Interactive Services Detection Service on Windows 10 v.1803 or later and Windows Server 2019. This means it is not possible to view the game server's console from remote desktop while it is running as a service. This creates compatibility issues with some games. If a game server does not start with TCAdmin but it starts manually as TCAGame follow these instructions:


New installations with TCAdmin 2.0.141 or greater automatically enable compatibility options if needed depending on your operating system. To enable compatibility on an existing installation:

  • Edit TCAdmin2\Monitor\TCAdminServiceManager.exe.config in notepad. Add or update this value under <appSettings>
<add key="TCAdmin.EnableLauncherService" value="True"/>
  • Open a command prompt as administrator and execute these commands:
cd C:\Program Files\TCAdmin2\Monitor
taskkill /F /IM TCAdminServiceLauncher.exe
TCAdminServiceManager.exe -u
TCAdminServiceManager.exe -i
net start TCA2ServiceMan
  • To verify the configuration execute:
wmic service where name="TCA2ServiceMan" get StartName

The output should be:


Optional Configuration (Advanced)

The following configurations will only work if you have the game configured with run as = user per service.

If the game server doesn't start even with the compatibility options enabled:

  • Configure the game with run as = user per service. If you already have a game server with run as = tcagame you must reinstall it.
  • Create a file named DisableLauncherService (no extension) in the service's folder in TCAdmin2\Monitor\Services\ServiceId
  • You can do this automatically by creating this batch script for the after created and after reinstalled events with "Execute as the service's user" unchecked:
mkdir "%TCAdminFolder%\Monitor\Services\%ThisService_ServiceId%"
echo 1 > "%TCAdminFolder%\Monitor\Services\%ThisService_ServiceId%\DisableLauncherService"

Known Issues

  • Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Garry's Mod (64bit), Squad, Empires require the instructions under "Optional Configuration (Advanced)".
  • If a game server does not start with either method, the only solution is to stop the service manager service, kill all TCAdminServiceLauncher.exe processes and start the service manager in console mode.
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