Backup & Restore Scripts

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Configure the game

Secure your Backups folder

This is the most important part of the configuration. If you skip this step you will leave your server vulnerable to exploits.

  • Go to Settings > Games > Select the game > File System Permissions.
  • Expand User Files and select Add permissions by subdirectory.
  • Configure these values:
    • Subdirectory Path: Backups
    • Permissions:
      • If you don't want to allow manual download of the backup files set it to "no permissions".
      • If you want to allow the user to download and delete backups set it to "Basic permissions" and check "Read" and "Delete". DO NOT check "write".
    • Click on Add.
    • Add the same permission for "Sub Admin Files" and "Reseller Files".
    • Click on Save.

Create the variable

  • Configure a variable used by the restore script. Go to Settings > Games > Select the game > Variables (it can also be a global variable). Create this variable:
    • Name: BackupFile
    • Script parameter: Checked
    • Admin access: Checked
    • Sub admin access: Checked
    • Reseller access: Checked
    • User access: Checked
    • Server owner access: Checked
    • Value is required: Checked
    • Required Message: The backup file is required.
    • Item Type: Combobox
    • Label: Backup:
    • Description: Select the backup to restore.
    • Source: File System
    • Filter Type: Files
    • Filter: Backups/*.zip
    • Item Value: Full path
    • Item Display: Name (no extension)

Create the scripts

  • Go back to the game's main settings. Click on the Custom Scripts icon. Add the following scripts. They can also be configured as global scripts.
Operating System: Any
Name: Backup Your Settings
Description: Create a backup of your game server's settings.
Script Engine: IronPython
Event: Custom Icon
Sub admin access: Checked
Reseller access: Checked
User access: Checked
Server owner access: Checked
Stop service before executing: Check if you want to stop the game server before creating the backup.
Script: Configure BACKUP_LOCATION, MAX_BACKUPS, BACKUP_EXTENSIONS, FOLDER_TO_BACKUP as needed. If you change the backup location remember to update your file system permissions.
import clr;

import System;
from System import Array, String, DateTime, Exception, Environment, PlatformID
from System.IO import Path, DirectoryInfo, SearchOption
from System.Collections.Generic import List
from System.Globalization import CultureInfo
from TCAdmin.SDK.Misc import CompressionTools, Linux

# Specify where backups are saved.
# Default location is a folder named Backups in the game server's root.
BACKUP_LOCATION = Path.Combine(ThisService.RootDirectory, "Backups")

# Specify the maximum number of backups to keep.

# Extension of files that will be included in the backup.
# Only specify config file extensions to keep file size small. Avoid log extensions.
# For security do not backup executables (.exe, .dll or .so, etc).
BACKUP_EXTENSIONS = Array[str]([".cfg", ".lua", ".properties", ".txt"])

# Specify the folder to backup. Sub folders will be included in the backup.
# All files with the extensions specified in BACKUP_EXTENSIONS will be added to the backup.
# Set value to ThisService.RootDirectory if you want to backup all specified extensions in the game server's root folder and sub folders.
FOLDER_TO_BACKUP = Path.Combine(ThisService.RootDirectory, "garrysmod/cfg")

backupdir = DirectoryInfo(FOLDER_TO_BACKUP)
backupfilename = String.Format("{0}.zip", DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMdd-HHmmss", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture))
allfiles = backupdir.GetFiles("*", SearchOption.AllDirectories)
backupfiles = List[str]()

for file in allfiles:
  if Array.IndexOf(BACKUP_EXTENSIONS, file.Extension) != -1 :
    backupfiles.Add(file.FullName.Replace(ThisService.RootDirectory, String.Empty).TrimStart(Path.DirectorySeparatorChar))
if backupfiles.Count == 0 :
  raise Exception("Didn\'t find any files to backup.")

Script.WriteToConsole(String.Format("Backing up {0} files to {1}...", backupfiles.Count, backupfilename))
backuplocation = DirectoryInfo(BACKUP_LOCATION)
if not backuplocation.Exists :

compressiontools = CompressionTools()
compressiontools.Compress(ThisService.RootDirectory, backupfiles.ToArray(), Path.Combine(BACKUP_LOCATION, backupfilename))
Script.WriteToConsole("The backup was created successfully.")

for i in range(0,backupfiles.Count - MAX_BACKUPS):
  Script.WriteToConsole(String.Format ("Deleted previous backup: {0}", backupfiles[i].Name))

if Environment.OSVersion.Platform == PlatformID.Unix :
  if Linux.IsRoot() :
    Linux.SetDirectoryOwnerAutoDetect(BACKUP_LOCATION, True);

Operating System: Any
Name: Restore Your Settings
Description: Restore your game server's settings from a backup.
Script Engine: IronPython
Event: Custom Icon
Prompt for variable values: Checked
Sub admin access: Checked
Reseller access: Checked
User access: Checked
Server owner access: Checked
Stop service before executing: Check if you want to stop the game server before restoring the backup.
import clr;

from System.IO import Path
from System import String
from TCAdmin.SDK.Misc import CompressionTools

Script.WriteToConsole(String.Format("Restoring backup {0}...", Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(ThisService.Variables["BackupFile"])))

compressiontools = CompressionTools()
compressiontools.Decompress(ThisService.Variables["BackupFile"], ThisService.RootDirectory)

Script.WriteToConsole("The backup was restored successfully.")